I’m Michaele Charles, the voice behind Voice.

I’ve been a writer from the time I could hold a pencil, and I was a voracious reader and enthusiastic storyteller as a kid, writing my first “novel” at the age of eight (awesomely entitled Moving Away). But I’m a practical girl and wound up majoring in accounting at Colorado State University, graduating in 1999.

My adventure in accounting and finance began at PricewaterhouseCoopers, then I moved to a Denver-based investment company, and finally, a national recruiting and consulting firm, where I recruited accounting and finance professionals for our clients.

My love of words never waned, however, and for years I took evening writing classes for fun. Eventually, I realized that my passion for writing and experience in business had set me up to do something pretty cool. In 2007, I put my right brain and left brain together and created Voice Communications. An unconventional path into marketing and communications writing, without question, but my background is something that sets me apart from other writers you’ll meet. A practical foundation in business gives me that unique edge to write copy that is both engaging and effective.

Today, I work with businesses of all sizes and all types—from tutoring to financial firms, from colleges and universities to high-end landscaping companies. I help clients find their voice, tell their story, and stand out from the masses. Words, after all, can be quite powerful. My job is to help you make yours work for you.