Earlier this year, I celebrated my 10-year anniversary of forming Voice Communications. I was a new mom with a six-month-old baby girl with a dream of writing for a living. I’d been writing “for fun” for years, but to actually make writing my livelihood seemed like a bit of a long shot at the time. […]

I’ve been working with one of my small business marketing clients on how to position their company in 2017 (and of course, create content marketing that impresses). The topic of competitors sparked an interesting discussion about market differentiation when my client told me that they want their marketing materials to sound similar to the “big […]

Anyone who has been in business for a while knows that public relations has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when journalists decide what news gets out to the masses, when companies talk at their customers and audiences instead of engaging with them. In the last decade plus, digital technology has completely disrupted the media […]

I write tons of blogs for my clients, but it’s due time I start blogging for Voice. Here, I’ll share my insight on topics that come up often with the companies I work with—from how to boost your marketing through awesome content to writing effectively for different mediums and audiences. Interestingly, it’s much harder to […]